Cooler full of live shrimp

Jekyll Island


View of the sunset from the seining area on

St. Simons Island

You can seine in California for smelt only north of Point Conception.

The list of good seining areas is endless.  We know some great places where we have personally seined and where customers have told us they seine.  

Please feel free to submit your ideas for great places to seine.

Tybee Island

Where to Go Seining

Jacksonville Beach

Places to Seine in Georgia

Places to Seine in Florida

This information is provided to help you enjoy your seine and is not intended to be used as an authoritative source for seining regulations. This information is provided only as a courtesy and there are NO guaranties, warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of this content. Bountiful Seines assumes NO liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained herein. If you find an error or omission in the data, please feel free to Contact Us with the correct information, and we will verify the error or omission and correct it as soon as possible. Rules change frequently; always inquire locally before using your seine.

Young man holding up a huge pile of shrimp just caught in seine
Cartoon drawing of two beach seine nets
Sammie the shrimp logo drawing

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​​All beaches on Jekyll Island allow beach seining, but please be aware of turtle nesting zones. ​Driftwood Beach, which is east of the Jekyll Fishing Pier and St. Andrews picnic area are great places to seine.



St Simons Island

Man and boy working a seine net in the surf in Jacksonville

You can seine from most beaches in Florida, but check the regulations locally as many areas have their own rules. In northeast Florida, anglers seine from the beach for big shrimp when they are running, whiting, and bait fish. 

All beaches on Tybee Island are great for seining.

During the two annual shrimp runs in Georgia, seining from the beaches offers great catches of large shrimp.

Seining on St Simons Island is best on the beach area west of pier.  Be aware of the tides as there is no beach here at high tide.  

Seining Jacksonville Beach.  Submitted by L. Reimann. 

Sunset at St Simons Island

Seining on Jacksonville Beach is very popular as you can see in the below image of our net being used to catch fish, crab, and other sea creatures that were all released.

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