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What Size Net Should I Buy?

Do I Need a License to Use a Seine Net?

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Why aRE there nets 8' or 10' deep?  WHAT DEPTH NET SHOULD I USE? 

All netting can be tied on the poles at any depth between the lead line and float line.  The deeper the netting, the bigger the "pocket" the netting forms.  Note that you will not seine in water that is deeper than your net; the water must be more shallow than the net depth.  For example, you cannot seine in water deeper than 5' with a 5' deep net  - you are limited to seining water that is less than 5' deep.  If you attempt to seine deeper than your net allows, it will come off of the bottom.  

Due to our being extremely busy getting nets out to customers, we no longer offer net repair service.  

We do offer a repair kit for do-it-yourself repairs.  These kits include: One (1) needle loaded with black twine; one (1) needle loaded with appropriate net line; one (1) square of netting. You can purchase a repair kit on our Shop page.

  • We hand sew every mesh to float line and lead line on our nets. Each net is sewn by our skilled craftsmen using techniques passed down for many generations.
  • Our leads are embedded into the bottom line creating no-snag lead lines.  The mass-produced nets just tie the leads free-floating on twine, which can get caught in rocks, roots and shells, and can be pulled off.
  • We use the highest quality netting, lines and floats available. And, we hand pour our lead weights using virgin lead.
  • See our Seine Nets page for images of our seine nets.

Every state has different rules.  Most states require a fishing license for each person holding a seine net pole.  Others even consider that if you are wet and there is a seine around, you were using it.  Some states require you to have a commercial license.  Please review some of the states' regulations on our Regulations page or inquire from the Fish and Wildlife Service in your region or the region of intended use.

Do You Offer Repair Service for Seines?

How Do I Clean and Store My Net?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a seine net:

  • What will you be catching - bait, shrimp or fish?
    • ​Choose the size appropriate to the size and fight strength of species you plan to target.
    • Mesh size:  There is a square measurement of the mesh and a stretch measurement of the mesh.  For example, a 1" sq mesh will stretch to a 2" opening.  
  • How old is the user? Child, teen, adult?
    • ​Children ages 7 to 12 should use a 15 to 20 foot net 4-5 feet deep.
    • Teens can use up to 50 feet seines.
    • Adults can use any length.  Keep in mind the longer the net, the harder it is to bring in when full of your catch.  Keep in mind, too, that as a general rule women do not have the upper body strength that men do and might have trouble bringing in the longer nets.
  • ​Your state regulations on sizes of nets and netting.
    • ​Many states limit the length of the net, the net square size and stretch, and the total square footage of the net. Please review your state Regulations before purchasing a net.

Questions & Answers about seine nets

Why Are Your Nets Better than the Competition?

After every use, you should rinse your net with fresh water and allow it to dry completely. Stretch it out in your driveway or along a fence to allow airflow between the netting.

Once dry, you can either wind the net around your poles and store it, or remove the net from the poles and neatly place it into the free storage bag we sent with your net.

  • Do not store your net in the sun
  • Do not store your net wet with saltwater; always rinse the net with fresh water after use
  • Repair any breaks/tears in the netting
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