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 Jouppi family seining in Florida. Photo courtesy of Treasure Coast Tackle.

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As you may have guessed, we love fishing and seining - and we absolutely love kids. We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the "Teaching Kids to Fish" organization in California. To read about their endeavor to help keep kids off the streets and to introduce them to the joy of fishing, please visit Teaching Kids to Fish  and show your support.


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Reimann Family seining on Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  The joy on the children's faces tells the entire story!

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Did you know this is "Sammie," our mascot?

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"From shrimp to black tip sharks we had the best week ever on Jekyll Island with our 60' net. Thank you!" - Carver Family

Teaching All Kids To Fish

We have found an excellent article written by J. Abee on HubPages about beach seining that we would like to share with you.  An excerpt is as follows: 

"What's beach seining?  Beach seining is an activity that involves pulling a long seine through the water of an adjacent beach.  A seine net is a long net that's usually..." to read entire article, click here 

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Kevin Pichard says "My family had a great time and our efforts were relatively productive; we caught several decent-size mullet, a 24" Red and large Spanish mackerel."  

There is a historical document which is a receipt for a seine that GEORGE WASHINGTON ordered from England for use on the Potomac River! He even wrote in his daily log about his seining adventures with friends.  

Floatin' with Slotin's Camp Seabean, Spring 2013, Cocoa Beach, Florida
Photo courtesy of Michael Slotin

We are reserving this page for you, our valued customers.  We hope to fill it with interesting facts and educational links.  Please feel free to submit any photos, stories, or information you would like to share.

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George Washington portrait

The above three pictures are courtesy of Daniel Massingale (Isn't she precious?)

East Coast Recreational Shrimp Seining

A Facebook community helping shrimp seiners/netters get together sharing information on shrimping locations, catching, preserving our catch, as well protecting the resource. Visit East Coast Recreational Shrimp Seining.

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baby looking down on a new seine net

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Photo courtesy of J. Lewis of  East Coast Recreational Shrimp Seining

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