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We have had a lot of inquiries about carrying bags. YES, the seine nets we sell come with a carrying bag. We have not advertised this as it is an absolutely FREE gift, with no charge included in the cost of the seine. 

Before storing your seine net in a carrying bag, be sure the net is clean. See our Q&A page for instructions on caring for your net.

Introducing Bee's Buckets


We stock both monofilament and nylon netting.  We offer seine nets in an unlimited combination of strengths, lengths and depths.  Your netting options are governed by the laws of the state you will be seining in, so please review the Regulations for your state. 

When choosing your netting, you must also consider the species you intend to target.  Will you be catching bait fish, shrimp, fish?  How big will the fish be?  How hard will they fight when in the net?  There is a lot to consider when chosing your netting.  We have the test strengths and suggested species on our Shopping page.

Visit our Shopping page for details on each type of netting and the sizes available for purchase.  If we don't have what your looking for, please Contact Us and we will contact our distributors to find the netting you need. 

Carrying Bags for Nets

We use only the highest quality SB4 floats and they are hung proportionately to the length of the net. 

closeup of monofilament netting
Closeup of seine net lead line with lead embedded in line


Ace Knotless 1/4"

Our no-snag lead lines keep the net erect and do not catch on the bottom. We take the time to hand melt our lead and embed each into the rope.  No free-hanging leads and twine to get caught up on shells, rock and other sediment, and the seine will flow smoothly along the substrate so you get a bigger catch!

(Not Included in seine purchases)

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Seine Nets

Seining has always been a family affair for us.  The children, not being physically able to help with the actual seining, are always made to feel an important part of the adventure.  They are responsible for helping to gather the sea life pulled to shore by the seine that is not being saved for meals and get it back into the water as quickly as possible.  You should see them scramble!

Our sister, Belinda Waters Wheeler, known as "Bee" to her friends, suggested that we supply a small beach bucket for the children to use for that purpose and we think that is a brilliant idea!

We are happy to report we now have Bee's Buckets available for our customers' children at no cost to you.  When ordering, indicate in the "buyer's instructions" section how many buckets you need and we will ship them with your seine net (limit 6 per customer, please). 

closeup of seine net float
drawing of a seine net


closeup of how to tie a seine to a pole

Our seine nets are constructed using traditional methods passed down for generations.  Each net is constructed with the highest level of quality control.  We take pride in our products and you will receive the finest seine net Made in America!

It will be necessary for your to make your own poles, as they do not come with nets; shipping price is prohibitive.  

Poles need to be sturdy to hold the weight of a full net and at least 6 feet tall. You have a choice of using 2x2 poles, which are inexpensive, or schedule 80 PVC.  Do not use the lower schedule PVC as it will not hold up to the weight of a full net.

It is easy to make your pole: Simply drill two holes in each pole and attach the net. See the diagram for detailed instructions. 

closeup of nylon seine net with float


Seine Poles

All of our handmade seine nets are complete, including netting, float line and lead line.  We order each individual component from distributors, chosen for the highest quality for the best price.  We melt and pour our own leads, and they are embedded inside the lead line, not tied on the outside of it.  This makes for a more secure lead line, with minimal to no risk of losing lead in our waters.  The only part of the seine we cannot ship is the poles, but these are simple and inexpensive to make yourself, and we will include an instruction insert with each seine showing you how.  

​Each state has it own set of rules/regulations, i.e., you cannot use monofilament in Florida, but you can use either monofilament or multifilament in Georgia.  We can build most seines for anyone/anywhere, in the size you desire, based on your state's laws.  If we cannot build a seine net to your specs, we will refer you to someone who can. These seine nets can be used for catching shrimp, fish, educational purposes, and for pond clearing.  

Every seine net is sewn by hand in each mesh and guaranteed to hang straight. 

closeup of nylon multifilament netting
boy holding one end of a seine net by a big pole


Bountiful Seines is a small, family business.  Using methods passed down from generation to generation, each seine net is made with meticulous attention to detail.  We take great pride in producing the best seine nets available anywhere.

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