Our father, Eddie Waters, was an avid fisherman.  Anything and everything to do with fishing and providing for his family was his passion.  Our mother, Eleanor, was a marine librarian, first with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and then with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources until she retired. 

Dad taught us the many rewards of catching our own seafood.  He also taught us the laws governing the sport and instructed us to strictly adhere to these laws.  Mother instilled in us the absolute necessity to respect marine life, and to protect the marine environment and the ecosystems of our oceans. 

Beginning in the 1950s, we were dad's fishing buddies.  In later years, he passed on to us his knowledge and expertise in seine making.  When he began building seines, he had access to the marine library and gained an abundance of knowledge on the subject from speaking with DNR employees.  He made absolutely certain that he could build the best seines and nets before he even got started.  We continue to build them in this manner.  

Bountiful Seines is owned and operated by a 2nd generation seine maker, with apprentices from the 3rd and 4th generations.  We are proud of our products, and offer only the highest quality shrimp seines and fish nets in the time-honored tradition of the Waters' family. 

On our website, you will find no bells, whistles, freebies with hidden charges, or advertisements.  What you will find, is an easy to read, straight-forward offer to have you purchase one of the best built seines/nets in the country.  We look forward to providing your netting needs, now and in the future. 

Seine Nets

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Handmade seine nets

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A Family Tradition Since 1975!

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for Beaches, Lakes, and Ponds

Fish Seines - Shrimp Seines - Custom Nets

We offer a variety of net building services ranging from basic seine nets to custom-made products. 

Little Crow and Sam as young children in the 1960's

In loving memory, this site is dedicated to our parents.

State regulations

We stay up-to-date on regulations and will build your net within the legal parameters of your state.

"May all of your seining adventures be educational and your catches bountiful!"  - swf

       The Highest Quality seine nets in America!

All our seine nets are made using traditional seine-making methods.  With proper care, our high quality nets will last many years!

Bountiful Seines handmade nets made in the USA
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