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The following are regulations for some states.  These are not all inclusive and are meant only as a guide in your net selection process.  Please refer to the individual websites for each state as provided at the end of each list.  We would be happy to research any other state's regulations upon request.  We make seine nets made to specs of all states where legal.  If we don't stock what you need, just let us know - we will work with you to build a custom-made seine net to fit your needs. 

Contrary to popular belief, beach seining has not been banned in Florida.
1.  Must have Florida saltwater fishing license.
2.  Seine may have mesh area no larger than 500 sq feet, mesh size no
     larger than 2-inch stretch.  Note: Net depth is determined by multiplying
     the stretch mesh measurement by the number of meshes down.  On
     float line, there can be no more than 14 meshes tied in one linear foot
     using 1-inch square mesh.   
3.  No seines made of monofilament are allowed.
4.  If you are not a Florida resident, in order to use a seine in Florida you  
     must purchase a commercial fishing license (currently $200).  
5.  For further information, go to
1.  Must have Georgia fishing license.
2.  Must obey shrimping season dates posted by Georgia Department of
     Natural Resources.
3.  Shrimp seines can be under 100 feet in length, minimum stretch mesh
     of 1-1/4 inch.
4.  Fish seines can be from 100 to 300 feet in length, with a minimum
     mesh size of 2-1/2-inch stretch and used only on oceanfront sides of
5.  If you are not a resident of Georgia, you must purchase a non-resident
     fishing license (currently $45) with SIP stamp (free).  
6.  For more information, go to:

1.  Must have South Carolina saltwater recreational fishing license.
2.  Maximum length of shrimp seine is 40 feet, maximum depth 6 feet,
     minimum mesh size 1/2-inch sq (1-inch stretch), maximum mesh size
     7/8-inch sq (1-3/4-inch stretch). 
4.  For more information, go to

1.  Seine may not be longer than 20 feet.
2.  Mesh cannot exceed 1/2-inch square.
3.  For more information, go to:


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